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Are You an Intelligent Marketer? [Infographic]

Are You an Intelligent Marketer? [Infographic]

Marketing is no longer the art form it once was. Today, the companies working relentlessly to master digital marketing are responsible for gathering, analyzing, and applying the data they produce to raise their game. All the while, laggards in the number-crunching revolution are vulnerable to losing to brands that value marketing analytics and make it an essential part of the way they operate.

While the practice of collecting and mining data to inform marketing strategy is now baked into many business strategies, there’s still immense room for improvement in turning intelligence into actionable insights.

If you’re looking for a sneak preview, check out the infographic below. This graphic covers fascinating data regarding the application of marketing intelligence and insights around the trials and tribulations companies encounter as they evolve their data-driven initiatives.

Take a look and consider where your company stands. Have you managed to use marketing intelligence to improve your ROI and accelerate your success?

Credits: Hubspot

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